University del Salvador
Faculty of Law.
Full Professor of Criminal Law.
Adjunct Professor of Politic Law.
Full Professor of Criminology - Specialization in Criminal Law.
Director and member of Doctoral Thesis Court.

Foundation for Advanced Studies in Legal Sciences
Secretary of Criminology.

High Justice Court of the States of Paraíba and Pará (Brazil)
Inviting Professor of Criminology and Procedural Criminal Law.

Publications Consultant at Technology’s Faculty
of Amazonia (Brazil)

National Defense School [Escuela de Defensa Nacional]
Thesis Director of the Master’s Degree in National Defense.

Legal Scientifics Journay “Cognito Iuris” (Brazil)
Scientific Consultant.

Trips Abroad:
Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela,
Mexico, Scotland,England, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Germany,
Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Grecia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and the Republic of China (Taiwan).