All Prof. Dr. Ramiro Anzit Guerrero’s decorations and the acknowledgment will be able to find in this section.

  • Knight Grand Cross, Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great (Holy See).
  • Medal for services to the Civil Defense and Civil protection of the Observatoire Citoyen, Défense Civile of France.
  • Merit’s Medal, National Association of Civilian Protection (Spain).
  • Medal of Commander of Saint Lazarus’ Order (Malta).
  • Medal of the Airborn Division of the Kingdom of Sweden.
  • Ambassador of Good Will, State of Israel.
  • Medaille d’Honneur des Services Benevoles (France).
  • Medaille d’Or de L’Etoile du Bien et du Merite (France).
  • Stern der Völkerfreundschaft - Deutsch-Ukrainischen Zentrum (Germany).
  • Österreichische Albert Schweitzer Gesellschaft Medal (Austria).
  • Palme de Vermeil, Ordre de l’Encouragement Public (France).

  • Hong Kong Police Society Acknowledgment.

    Royal Saudi Marines Acknowledgment (Saudi Arabia).
  • Honourable Member of the Iraqi Centre for Researches and Studies (Iraq).
  • Merit Gold Medal, Istituto di Studi Storici Beato Pio IX (Italy).
  • Marechal Trompowsky Medal (IDMM) - Brazil.
  • Cruz da Paz dos Veteranos da FEB Medal (ANVFEB) - Brazil.
  • Marechal Osorio Medal (AEAH) - Brazil.
  • Marechal Mallet Medal (AEAH) - Brazil.
  • Brigadeiro Sampaio Medal (AEAH) - Brazil.
  • Caxias Medal (AEAH) Brazil.
  • Maria Quitéria Merit’s Medal (AEAH) - Brazil.
  • Olavio Bilac Medal (AEAH) - Brazil.
  • Tiro de Guerra Merit’s Medal (AEAH) - Brazil.
  • União dos Heróis (ABPVC) Medal - Brazil.

  • Brazilian Civilian Aereal Patrol Aknowledgment.
  • Distinguished Visitor of Município de Paranaíba - Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
    Acknowledgment from Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Federal Penitentiary Service.

    Acknowledgment from Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Argentine Federal Police Department, Antiterrorist Investigation’s Office.

    Acknowledgment from the Argentine Ministry of Defence.

    Acknowledgment from Argentine Armed Forces General Staff
    [Estado Mayor Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armadas Argentinas]. Intelligence Institute.

    Acknowledgment from the Training Centre of the Argentine Armed Forces Reserve.
    [Centro de Entrenamiento de Cuadros de Reserva de las Fuerzas Armadas] Special Units National Congress.

    Acknowledgment from the homeland secretary, Justice and Security of La Rioja province.