At present, he is Full Professor of Criminal Law, Director and member of Doctoral Thesis Court at University del Salvador. He is also a visiting Professor at Technology’s Faculty of Amazonia, Faculty of Vale do Jaguaribe and, Legal Studies Centre of Ceará.

06/01/2013 – 04/01/2014
Technical Advisor, Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires.

31/12/2011 - 01/05/2012 
Legal and Social Sciences PhD, Director. University del Museo Social Argentino.

 04/05/2010 – 31/12/2011  
Legal and Social Sciences PhD, Academic Coordinator. University del Museo Social Argentino.

25/03/2006 – 25/02/2008  
Consultant at the Argentina’s Honourable National House of Representatives.

04/03/2004 – 03/01/2009 
Consultant at “Albamonte & Asociados SA”- Legal Bureau.

26/05/2005 – 24/03/2006
Board of Directors Consultant at Public Services Regulating Entity [Ente Regulador de Servicios Públicos]. City of Buenos Aires.

01/11/2004 - 25/05/2005 
Consultant at Emergencies Council [Consejo de Emergencias]. Department of Justice and Security. City of Buenos Aires.

01/08/2003 – 04/03/2004
Staff Head at Islamic Cultural Centre King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud depending of Saudi Arabia. City of Buenos Aires.

24/05/1999 – 10/11/2003  
First Assistant at Buenos Aires Council of Judiciary.